LoudPen, CEO of ISLP

LoudPen is a Creative Entrepreneur with over 10 years of experience. As CEO of ISLP, LoudPen uses many different pens to ink the page. LoudPen is a Lifestyle Blogger, Writer, Poet, Editor, Author, Photographer, Designer, Producer and Director. On a day to day basis, LoudPen is usually writing books, blog posts or articles, developing + designing products, producing, directing, shooting + editing photos, blogging, posting on social media and much more. Simply put, LoudPen aka Penny Newberry is always inkin the page.   

It’s almost impossible to determine when LoudPen’s inktastic journey began. Growing up in the suburbs of Cincinnati, Penny was inkin the page before she ever became LoudPen. But as a child and teenager, Penny never shared her ink with anyone. It wasn’t until she was in college at Hampton University that she coined her brand name, LoudPen. The name LoudPen comes from the fact that Penny talks loud and likes pens. 

LoudPen is a Creative Entrepreneur and CEO of ISLP

After graduating from Hampton University with a BA in English, LoudPen did what pretty much every creative does: which is -- move to NYC. While in NYC, Penny grew up and tasted the first ink of struggle. With $1200 rent in a fourth floor walkup, Penny didn’t have much ink. She did however have a ton of jobs all of which she worked just to pay bills. 

Her side ink - blogging - proved to be her true love. In 2010, Penny got her first big break after attending New York Fashion Week when she was invited by The Fund Forum of Arts & Culture Uzbekistan to attend and cover Art Week in Tashkent, Uzbekistan. After returning to NYC, Penny started a now defunct agency and started working with clients to provide marketing and PR.

LoudPen is a Creative Entrepreneur and CEO of ISLP

But after five years in NYC, Penny was tired of having no ink for her page. Penny’s bills were so high that there was never -- literally NEVER any ink to invest in her business. So Penny took her ink to Houston, Texas in 2013. But since it takes 30 minutes to get everywhere and isn’t ink-pretty, Penny moved to Dallas in 2015. 

Dallas has everything Penny was looking for - an affordable cost of living, delicious Vegan food, two major airports, cool people, original art and so much more. Dallas is also extremely entrepreneurial with events like Dallas StartUp Week and venues like the Dallas Entrepreneur Center. Since touching down in Dallas, Penny has been living an ink-fabulous life.

LoudPen is a Creative Entrepreneur and CEO of ISLP

And so, Penny continues to ink the life she’s always wanted. Penny is a girl from Ohio who lives in Texas and only plays 90s Hip-hop and R&B with the occasional appearance of funk, pop and old school cuts. Follow Penny’s Ink on da gram: @LoudPen for an exclusive inside look on the life of a Creative Entrepreneur. #LoudPen #TheLoudestPenEver