LoudPen, CEO of ISLP

LoudPen is CEO of ISLP. As CEO of ISLP, LoudPen uses many different pens to ink the page. Penny is a Lifestyle Blogger, Influencer, Writer, Editor, Designer, Producer, and Director. On a day to day basis, Penny is usually writing content, developing and designing products, producing, directing, editing photos, posting on social media, managing ISLP’s creative team, etc.

Penny started her creative journey in 2008 when starting her first blog, The Loudest Pen Ever. Penny started blogging as way to share her writing with the world. But somehow, some way, Penny’s blog became a business. In 2014, Pen decided to write her first book, #MakeUrPenLoud: How To Be A Lifestyle Blogger. Knowing that she wanted to self-publish but also understanding that she wanted produce a variety of different types of products, Penny started ISLP.

ISLP is a lifestyle production company and boutique based in Dallas. ISLP creates books, magazines, travel guides, music, films, clothing, accessories, skincare, haircare, makeup, and home decor products. ISLP is the publisher of both of Penny’s books #MakeUrPenLoud: How To Be A Lifestyle Blogger and The Loudest Pen Ever. Currently, ISLP is developing new products such as Cruising thru Cali, Chillin in Chi-Town, LPZ, and Pennies & Pens.

That said, as CEO of ISLP, Penny oversees Team ISLP to make sure we create the best ink possible. Since Penny has extensive experience in lifestyle blogging, writing, editing, publishing, product development, product design, as well as photo and video editing, she works with Team ISLP to develop high quality, original, and unique products. Follow LP on Twitter: @LoudPen and Instagram: @LoudPen

Renee Francois, Associate Editor at ISLP

Renee Jones is an Associate Editor at ISLP. As Associate Editor at ISLP, Renee creates content, plans press trips, conducts research, manages sponsor relations, and develops products. Renee is Penny’s right hand pen when it comes to ISLP, as she been with the company the longest.

Renee joined Team ISLP in 2015 when she realized she wanted to travel the world and ink the page to tell the world all about it. In essence, that year, Renee helped produce Summer in the South, ISLP’s blog series dedicated to featuring cities in the Southern part of the US. These days, Renee has become an integral part of Team ISLP by contributing content to KC and All That Jazz as well as Cruising thru Cali.

Currently, Renee is working with ISLP to develop original lifestyle products such as LPZ, a hip-hop and R&B compilation album and Pennies & Pens, a fashion line for multicultural millennials. Since Renee has previously worked on a variety of ISLP projects, she understands how to create products and content that resonate with Pennies & Pens. After being with ISLP for almost four years, Renee has proven she knows how to ink the page. Follow Renee Francois on Instagram: @R.Francois03

Melissa Necey, Contributing Writer at ISLP           

Melissa is a Contributing Writer at ISLP. As a Contributing Writer at ISLP, Melissa writes content, conducts research, and plans press trips. Since joining ISLP in late 2017, Melissa has contributed several articles to our online magazine de la Pen…All Pen Everything.

Melissa joined Team ISLP because she wanted a creative outlet and a chance to write about travel. In September of 2018, Melissa reached her goal when she traveled to California from Nashville to help produce content for ISLP’s Cruising thru Cali travel guide. While in California, Melissa went with Pen & Renee to several sponsored media visits to Nick’s Kitchen, Ledson Winery, and Adventure Cat Sailing.

Currently, Melissa is helping plan Team ISLP’s press trip to Nashville. Team ISLP will be traveling to Nashville to create content for Summer in the South -- a travel guide dedicated to chronicling cities in the Southern US. Summer in the South is a project that ISLP is reviving and making better than ever. Being that Melissa has been in Nashville for over 15 years, she will be an integral part of Summer in the South. Basically, Melissa knows how to contribute ink to ISLP’s page. #InkWithUs

Follow Melissa on Instagram: @necey18

October Flower, Contributing Writer at ISLP    

October Flower

October Flower is a Contributing Writer at ISLP. As a Contributing Writer at ISLP, October writes content, conducts research, and plans press trips. October joined Team ISLP in January 2019.

October has been dreaming of inking the page for years. In 2018, October finally made her dreams of reality when she launched her Facebook page, October Flowers Gardens of Bliss. October Flowers Garden of Bliss is a health and wellness lifestyle brand that promotes the medicinal marijuana lifestyle.

Currently, October is helping plan Team ISLP’s press trip to Denver. Team ISLP will be traveling to Denver to create content for Cruizing thru Mile High, a digital travel guide about Denver. October has been an integral part of planning Team ISLP’s trip to Denver by finding potential sponsors and local attractions.

Follow October on Facebook: October Flowers Garden of Bliss