Behind The Ink: About ISLP

Dear Pennies & Pens, 

It’s ya girl, LoudPen, CEO of ISLP, The InkSpot, LLC. 

ISLP is a creative production company and multicultural creative agency based in Dallas, Texas. Basically, as a creative production company, we design and develop original products for our customers. Our mission is to create dope, affordable products to inspire and empower multicultural consumers to ink the life they’ve always wanted. 

On the other hand, as a multicultural creative agency, we offer branding, public relations, marketing, website design, copywriting, styling, photography, event planning, and consulting to help multicultural artists and brands increase brand awareness and sales. I’ve been in marketing for over 10 years and when I relaunched ISLP in 2020, I decided to offer my services to clients via ISLP. 

I originally founded ISLP on April 17, 2015 when I published my first book. Then on June 26, 2020, I established ISLP as a limited liability company and we officially became ISLP, The InkSpot, LLC. So basically, we’ve got an unofficial and an official anniversary. 


We have published three books: #MakeUrPenLoud: How To Be A Lifestyle BloggerThe Loudest Pen Ever and The Pen Planner. We’ve also produced two travel guides Cruising thru Cali and Chillin in Chi-Town

Additionally, we publish an international and multicultural magazine, de la Pen…All Pen Everything. Lastly, we inked Pennies & Pens, a vegan, organic and sustainable lifestyle brand. Pennies & Pens currently includes a collection of organic cotton T-Shirts. 

Over the past seven years, we’ve participated in several events and Pop Up Shops such as Austin Fashion Week, the National Black Book Festival, Soul Saturday, and For the Culture. We reached over 100 orders in August 2021 having sold products to customers across the country. 

Currently, I am saving money to invest in inventory, product development, and marketing. Note, lack of inventory is why some products are currently sold out. But since I don’t have the capital, I can’t purchase inventory as well as invest in product development and marketing. So that’s a problem I’m seeking to fix, I’m being transparent and honest because it takes time to grow a business. 




In the meantime, I’m blogging via de la Pen…All Pen Everything and vlogging via the Penny Black YouTube channel

That said, subscribe to de la Pen…All Pen Everything and the Penny Black YouTube channel to follow the growth of ISLP. This is your chance to see my journey as a Black female entrepreneur. 

I’ll also be posting behind the scenes videos as I grow ISLP, music reviews, styling tips, natural hair care tips, beauty product reviews, film reviews, book reviews, vegan cooking vlogs, and so much more. #inkwithuscauseyouknowwegotit 

You can Shop Our Ink and learn more about our products below. If you have any questions or if a product you want is sold out, shoot me an email LoudPen@theinkspotlp.com and we’ll work it out!

Thanks for supporting, ISLP, The InkSpot, LLC - a certified Black-Owned and Operated Enterprise as defined by U.S. Black Chambers, Inc.