Behind The Ink: Who We Are

ISLP, The InkSpot, LLC is a creative production company. We use our ink to create vegan, sustainable and organic products to inspire and empower Pennies & Pens to ink the life they’ve always wanted. 

As a Black + woman owned business, ISLP is a true original because we develop a variety of high quality, original and unique products. 

  • We design clothing + accessories + home decor products 
  • We produce music + films
  • We publish books + magazines + travel guides 
  • We create haircare + skincare + makeup products

Our in-house team works with different manufacturers and creative partners to produce as well as distribute our products. This way, we can focus on being creative while our partners manufacture or distribute our products.




IMPORTANT NOTE: Currently, we're on an inkbreak while we develop our new product line. That said, our Shopify store is currently paused so we cannot accept payments on this site.  To purchase our books or travel guides, contact our CEO LoudPen via email at LoudPen@theinkspotlp.com