Who We Are 

ISLP is a creative production company based in Dallas. We create books, magazines, travel guides, and music to inspire and empower multicultural millennial creatives to ink the life they’ve always wanted! As a Black and woman owned business, ISLP is a true original. 

Our Name 

Our official company name is ISLP, The InkSpot, LLC. But we prefer to just go by ISLP (pronounced I-S-L-P) which is an abbreviation of The InkSpot with our CEO LoudPen's initials, LP. 

Make sense, little baby?

We ain’t from Dallas but We D-Town Boogie

The “DTX” that you see in our domain name and social media handles comes from the fact that we’re based in Dallas, Texas. Originally, we added “DTX” to our social media accounts because “ISLP” wasn’t available. But the truth is without the city of Dallas – ISLP wouldn’t be possible. 

With an affordable cost of living, it’s easier for us to pay our bills, travel and produce content. We can actually afford to do what we do and if you’ve ever had a business, you know how crucial startup capital is. So, we decided to pay homage to the city that made us – welcome to ISLPDTX. Get the ink? Good.

What We Do 

We create high quality, original, and unique products to inspire and empower Pennies & Pens to ink the life they've always wanted. 

Since launching in 2015, ISLP has produced and published several books, magazines and travel guides. Our products include: 

  • #MakeUrPenLoud: How To Be A Lifestyle Blogger
  • The Loudest Pen Ever
  • Cruising thru Cali 
  • Chillin in Chi-Town
  • de la Pen...All Pen Everything

Who Creates Our Ink: #TeamISLP

Our products are developed by our in-house creative team and artists we collaborate with. We're ink-affectionately known as #TeamISLP. 

We develop a variety of different products because we're creative souls with multiple talents. We're writers, bloggers, artists, photographers, designers, and marketers. We're a multifaceted team dedicated to making the page come to life. #InkWithUs

Product Development: How We Make The Page Come To Life 

Our product development process is all about making the page come to life. First, we start with brainstorming and research. Next, we create a concept doc where we write the product description, features and benefits. Additionally, we set the price. 

After that, we start designing and creating the product. Since we create a variety of different products, the process changes based on what we're making. However, each product begins with a pen, paper and an idea. With each product, it is our ink that makes the page come to life.

Our Mission Statement

At ISLP, we use our ink to inspire and empower Pennies & Pens to ink the life they've always wanted. 

We wrote our mission statement in late 2018 and at the end of 2019, we realized the significance of this statement. What we mean is, inking the life that you've always wanted requires focus, motivation, talent and skill. 

It's about balancing your mental and physical health, spirituality and work life. Once a Penny or Pen achieves this balance they will be inking the life they've always wanted.

How We Inspire and Empower Pennies & Pens

We inspire and empower Pennies & Pens to ink they've always wanted by creating high-quality, original and unique products that add value to their lives. 

The first inkexample is our book, #MakeUrPenLoud: How To Be A Lifestyle Blogger. This inkbook teaches Pennies & Pens how to create content and work with brands which helps them build their brand and make money. It's a tool that literally empowers Pennies & Pens to be influencers in their own write. 


The next inkexample is our inkbook, The Loudest Pen Ever. This inkbook offers entertainment with a collection of original stories and poems about what it's like to be a Black woman and entrepreneur. It's about giving Pennies & Pens something that makes them laugh and have fun.

While on the journey to ink the life they've always wanted, Pennies & Pens want a book that they can read on the couch with a glass of wine and some Penny Green. The Loudest Pen Ever is that inkbook. 

The last two inkexamples are our travel guides, Cruising thru Cali and Chillin in Chi-Town. These travel guides offer insight on what to see, do and eat while visiting L.A., San Francisco, Napa and Chicago by featuring local attractions, Vegan restaurants and multicultural art. 

Our inkguides are about inspiring and empowering Pennies & Pens to travel by offering advice on places to visit in each destination. This way instead of sitting in their hotel room or Airbnb searching Google, Yelp and blogs for fun ink to do and the best ink to eat, they can refer to our inkguides.

#TeamISLP personally visits each destination featured so we get firsthand experience prior to recommending any inkspot. 

Our Audience: Pennies & Pens

We cater to Pennies & Pens aka our audience of multicultural millennial creatives. We refer to our audience as Pennies & Pens because they are an extension of our brand.

Our CEO LoudPen originally inked the name “Pennies & Pens” in 2010 when starting our online magazine, de la Pen…All Pen Everything. Realizing she wanted to give her audience their own name that was on brand, Penny decided on Pennies & Pens. Pennies for the ladies and Pens for the guys.

Pennies & Pens are a diverse group of multicultural millennial creatives. Pennies & Pens are a mix of Black, Latino, Asian, and white millennials. Pennies & Pens are creatives such as bloggers, writers, influencers, photographers, stylists, designers, artists and entrepreneurs.

In essence, Pennies & Pens are influencers in their own write. Pennies & Pens live in metropolitan cities such as Dallas, Houston, Austin and New York. We celebrate Pennies & Pens because without their ink, we couldn't keep this page running.